Coaching for Quality Improvement

Our consultants assist school administrators and directors of child care, after-school, and youth development programs to set uniform standards and establish a process for continuous quality improvement.

Using a consensus model, we help leaders in determining standards and a method for measuring program performance. We facilitate managers in initiating improvements in policies and management practices to remove barriers to success for programs. We teach supervisors how to coach their staff in making program improvements based on feed-back from evaluation data, their customers, and their own observations.
Quick Help
We offer specific training programs in:

  • Results-Oriented Leadership
    (for people who are leading community or organizational improvement efforts)
  • Managers as Mediators
    (Conflict resolution skills for people who manage coordinate, or supervise)
  • Managing Meetings
    (The why and how of meetings)
  • Women in Leadership
    (A mind, body, spirit workshop for women seeking to realize their full leadership potential)