What Is Matrix?
Matrix is a comprehensive management assistance program provided to a group of agencies already working together toward a common outcome in a geographic community. All of the agencies are invited to participate, and participation is voluntary. The goal of the Matrix program is to improve the capacity and management practices of individual agencies, while at the same time improving relations among them.

Matrix provides a local coordinator with everything they need to assist in all phases of the 15-month program, and Community Impact Consulting supports the coordinator with training and coaching along the way.


How does Matrix work?
When an agency joins Matrix, they first complete an organizational assessment of their strengths in several critical competency areas:

  • Board Developement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management
  • Outcomes and Quality Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Collaboration

Based on this assessment, group trainings are developed in the areas where improvement would help the agency be more efficient and effective at delivering services. The coordinator seeks professional assistance from local corporations as well as public and private agencies to help the organizations improve their management systems. Working closely with each executive director and their board representative to see that best practices are implemented, the coordinator helps to ensure each agency’s success.

At the conclusion of the program, the coordinator helps the agency gather significant evaluation data. The agency is able to see improvement and make the connection between the management practice and client outcomes. The agency then develops a plan for continuous agency improvement.

Does Matrix work?
In communities, where Matrix has been fully implemented, the results have been exciting. More than 90% of program graduates have made significant improvements in their management practices, and all are now tracking client outcomes, many for the first time. In each community, collaboration improved; in several, duplication of services was eliminated, saving valuable resources that were redirected to tackle other community problems.

The California Association of Nonprofits and a number of private, public and community foundations have endorsed and supported Matrix. The program has earned commendations from the California State Legislature and the City of Los Angeles. Foundations have found that Matrix builds local capacity while increasing the efficiency of agencies in their targeted communities. Matrix has proved to be a valuable tool to help foundations get the most from their support for a community.

Will Matrix work in every community?
Matrix has been successful in both rural communities and urban settings. We can help you determine if Matrix is a good fit for a community you care about.